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Carprolive Rebrand

by Shawn Ives

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 4:00 PM

carprolive rebrand featured image

Carprolive, a web-based dealer management solution, unveils new brand.

Carprolive, originally Carpro, has been serving automotive dealers around the country for over 25 years. With an owner who has personal experience in all areas of the industry, we have shifted gears to better serve dealers in this ever-changing technological market.

Features such as an iOS companion phone application, amount to an abundance of features for this generation's independent dealer.

Additionally, we've taken our application online – this means if you have internet, you can access your dealership.

The feature packed management system runs you $200 per month, and comes with a fully integrated website. This means if you upload a car to your inventory in the management system, it's already on your website and you didn't even have to do anything.


Current updates regarding the dealer management system's features and functionality.

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