CarProLive® Features

Our goal with CarProLive® is to provide car dealers with all the necessary tools they need to efficiently run their stores, while maintaining the best value in the industry. We proudly display our pricing because when you compare the cost and features of other products, CarProLive® wins hands down! Best of all, there is NO CONTRACT! You simply pay as you go! Check out our major features below.

Why wait until you get to the lot? Let us bring it to you!

Anywhere, Anytime.

You're standing in line at the auction and you see a car that catches your eye but you're not sure if you already have a similar one in stock. No problem! With CarProLive® you can simply access all of your data instantly.

Billing & Forms Printing

As you know there tons of forms that need to be printed when delivering an automobile. You will have complete access to our extensive forms library where you'll find everything you need. And best of all, that's all included! You will never pay extra for print forms.

Data Exporting

Today's automotive industry requires dealers to advertise with many different sources and we understand the importance of this. We can setup data feeds to all of them and automatically send your info every day! Why extra for data transmittal? With CarProLive® it's included!

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Your inventory is your livelihood and our comprehensive inventory management system help you track every aspects of it. We also have a built-in VIN Decoder so vehicle entry is a snap!

A picture is worth a thousand words!

You can upload upto 30 photos per vehicle because pictures really do tell the story. Why just tell them about it? Show them!

Retail Widow Stickers

Tired of paying $7.00 to $10.00 per car for retail window stickers? With CarProLive® you can Save a lot of money by printing your own!

Additional Features

The application will automatically calculate sales commissions for your reps and business managers, which will make payroll a snap!
  Vehicle Expenses
Track the expenses for all of your vehicles with full details about the charges and the vendor. You can also view a history report on any car.
  Vehicle Locator
Just like the franchise dealers you can now run a used vehicle locator and quickly find vehicles that you need. In today`s business atmosphere you need tools that give you an edge over competitors, this is one of those tools.
  Mass Email
Stay in touch with your customers with our built in mass email system. Announce upcoming sales and service specials or send thank you, aniversary and birthday messages.
  Quick Quote Finance & Lease
The application includes a quick quote screen that can calculate finance payments with or without Life & A&H insurance, Balloon notes, Conventional or Red Carpet Leases.
  Online Credit Apps
Store all your customer credit information and CarProLive® will generate a generic PDF credit application that you can email to your banks for approval!
  Credit Reporting
You can request Equifax, Experian and TransUnion credit reports from within CarProLive®! Request single repositories or merge reports from any combination of these three credit providers.
  DMV Records
Some States, such as Massachusetts, require dealers to keep a police book that shows the DMV records for all of your vehicles. CarProLive® can take the hassle out of that task!
Ad Template Tool
CarProLive® includes a built-in tool that helps you generate the HTML code that you can use to paste into ads for online sites such as BackPage® or CraigsList®. Click here to check out a sample ad.
CRM Tools
The system has built-in CRM tools that can be used to keep in touch with your customers. There is even a calendar that will show you when deliveries, appointments and follow-up calls are due.
Quickbooks® Interface
For those of you who use QuickBooks® for accounting, our system can post entries for you. Expenses & auction purchases can be posted over as bills to be paid and deals can be posted over as journal entries. You can specify what the journal entry will look like so you have full control.
Buy Here Pay Here
If you have a Buy Here Pay Here program CarProLive® will track everything for you. It will automatically calculate how much of the payments go to interest and how much goes to principal. You can also quickly see who owes you money.
A Handy "To Do" list
You can add "To Do" notes to any vehicle in inventory. Then the service department can access the list of cars that need work and add their own notes. When work is done they can mark it completed.
Automotive Websites
Need an automotive website? No problem. We'll include one at no extra charge. Our sites are integrated directly with CarProLive® so when you add inventory it will show up instantly and automatically on your website. Mark a vehicle as delivered and it will drop off as well so manage your site is simple. Click here to see our demo automotive website.
Print Forms Library
We have a huge forms library that includes all of the most popular print forms. In there you will find all the major bank contracts, state forms, warrany & gap forms just mention a few. Click here to check it out! Oh and did we mention? All print forms are included at no extra charge. If you can't find it in the library simply send us a blank and we'll program it for you.
Multi-Level Securiy
You can add as many users as you like and specify which features of the application the they can or cannot access. You can also designate specific locations where users can log-on from with our IP masking.
Because we are constantly listening to sugestions from our users, the application keeps getting better all the time. We know the importants with keeping up with technology and always incourage feedback from our customers.